Thursday, September 2, 2010

georgia on our minds

it is official that we are headed home next round. although i need to do a correction on my jab at management because i think we're the only ones anywhere near their home country.

we're excited to spend time with fam & friends (one in the same) and to see all these dang precious babies that have been born or are going to be born while we're home.

i've told the Wife that i'm getting a gas mask to avoid any of these little bundles of joy waking up my ovaries. i'm seriously scared to death to start hearing the TICK-TOCK of the dreaded bio-clock again. those were some of the weirdest few months of my life (thanks again, zeke) and i'm not really in the mood to have every decision i make throughout the day hinge on how it may affect our unborn children.

so for all of you friends who have/are having babies- you know, all 95% of you--->

i'm requesting you not use any johnson & johnson baby products on their heads before we visit. i don't need the pressure. also, please cover all fat little thighs. actually any parts that have little baby fat rolls should be covered. and don't forget to enclose all those ridiculously cute fingers and toes as well in some sort of sock or mitten.

see you all in 7 weeks!!


KNB said...

LOL! i will endeavor to hide all baby fat rolls, not bathe them, and have you change a stinky diaper if your gas mask fails. that should keep the ovaries in hiding for a few more years. xx ps love the pix of ireland!!! so beautiful.

MAV said...

your house will be double trouble. maybe we should wait to meet them until they start teething.