Monday, September 20, 2010


So this is an entry I’m not too thrilled to be writing and one I’m sure no one will be too thrilled reading.

2 days later and I just want to put it behind me and forget everything we saw. I want so much to just forget. I never want to remember it again, I want to think of anything else…and because of these feelings I’m actually glad I pushed for our trip to Poland to tour Auschwitz/Birkenau.

I think it’s so easy for us as humans to want to forget the bad times, to push them aside in our minds and look to happier thoughts. It’s our coping mechanism that kicks in.

Of course, those of us that forget history are damned to repeat it and for that reason I’m glad Auschwitz is there to remind us. I’m glad it still stands. I’m glad it was so crowded with hundreds of other visitors. I’m glad we were all there and I’m glad that we will never forget. No matter how much sadness it brings to me, it is nothing in comparison to the pain, torture and fear that was felt by the millions of people that suffered and died there. Nothing.

It was an extremely emotional and taxing day. As much as I thought I would be able to share my thoughts on the day, because I had so many…I find today that I am unable. I’m seriously crying just thinking of it and you probably don’t check in on Mondays to have your moods lowered.

If you want to look at the photos please know that we didn’t take photos of the more personal items or any of the gruesome things we saw. Most photos are from the exterior of both Auschwitz and Birkenau. It was actually a beautiful day and I couldn’t stop thinking how the sweet smell of the grass and the sunshine betrayed the true horror of the place.

Although Krakow seemed like a nice enough city, I admit that our hearts were far too heavy and our minds too clouded to really enjoy it.

This weekend we are finally getting to Budapest and I promise we’ll avoid any depressing tours.

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