Monday, September 27, 2010

maybe we've attended too many weddings

the "buda" part of budapest is hilly and mainly limestone. since limestone is so porous and they have so many natural springs they have a lot of caves, tunnels, etc.

underneath the castle district they have a labyrinth of sorts which you can enter from 3 different entrances that offer different experiences. our tour guide recommended one that had a wine fountain where you could bring any empty bottle and literally fill it up as many times as you wanted.

wife- "so, is it like a chocolate fountain, but with wine??"

me- "uh, i guess i'd say it was more like a water fountain, but with wine. i love you so much."


Rachel said...

The wine fountain sounds incredible! Your travels continue to sound amazing!

MAV said...

I so wish we'd had been able to go, but I was too sick to partake in the wine fountain that night. Next time!