Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Arthur's Day!!

A total marketing scheme, but one that I like...

Today is Arthur's Day and at 5:59pm everyone around the world should be raising a pint of the black stuff in honor of Arthur Guinness, the founding father of the best beer in the world and 21 children, yeah 21 children.

Sadly, I'm sick and won't be having a Guinness today, although I'm sure if I asked an Irishman they'd recommend me having one as Guinness is kind of a cure-all around these parts.

He really was an amazing man, not just for his beer, but for the services he provided to his employees and the jobs he provided in Ireland. Guinness was once the largest employer in the country with over 5,000 employees.

They say to work for Guinness is a job "from womb to tomb" because of the care given to you and your family. Still to this day retirees can come to the factory's canteen once a day for a hot meal and a pint.

So raise a pint to Arthur today!

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