Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the daily(ish)

We travel by ourselves quite a bit and have become the masters of self-portraits.  Seriously, sometimes they are even better than the ones our friends take of us.  When I say “we” are masters, what I really mean is “the Wife”. 

I was walking around South Bank the other day and here is my attempt at a self-portrait in front of the London Eye and County Hall…

still a fail unless i wanted a pic with the ugly thames water

Awesome, huh?  I had about 4 just like it.  Me and the ugly water of the Thames.  Can’t wait to frame one.

The thing that really gets me about them is that it almost killed me to even take them.  I seriously don’t like posing for pictures by myself.  It isn’t that I don’t want pictures of just me, I just freak out while they are being taken.

Posing in front of a camera by myself makes me really uncomfortable and super self-conscious.  In the last 3 years I have trained the Wife to take any photos of me as quickly as humanly possible.  If there is any lag I will inevitably  say yell “NEVER MIND!” and storm off in an embarrassed huff.  And yes, I realize this obviously brings far more unwanted attention to myself than getting my photo taken.

I am well aware that  it’s a very stupid hang-up that I have and I’m really trying to work on it.  This is why I forced myself to take my own picture- by myself- in front a million people.

AND when I failed so miserably at that, I even went a step further and asked a stranger to do it for me…


She was so nice and went well out of her way to ensure a good shot. She crossed the crowded sidewalk, zoomed in and out, asked people to wait as she took the picture, and slowly counted to 3. Through it all I just wanted to scream “Never mind!”, snatch my camera, and run away, but I totally didn’t and that’s what you call PROGRESS.

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