Monday, October 17, 2011

the daily(ish)

I’ve pointed out before how important snacks are for us.  Our gathering skills have been honed these past 3 years and there is rarely a time I don’t have at least an apple stowed away somewhere.  The Wife’s favorite fruit, however, is the banana.  I find them in her purse or work bag or just lying around the room all the time.  I cannot think of a worse fruit to carry around as a snack.

A. They don’t pack well- a banana in crowded bag equals squished banana all in your bag.

B. There is too much gross waste after you eat them.  A banana peel isn’t something you can wrap in a single tissue and stuff into your bag until you find a trashcan.

C. Their shelf life sucks.  I can carry around an apple for a week whereas that yellow banana you picked up at breakfast is going to be brown and gross by that evening.

I’m constantly giving the Wife a hard time about her dang bananas.  Not solely for the reasons above, but because she never eats the things anyway.  This means we’re stuck with a time bomb of a banana lurking in bags waiting to be squished or rotting in the room.

I may or may not have kicked a banana across the room in a somewhat joking/somewhat serious manner in Venice.

And of course, my griping makes the banana that much more irresistible for the Wife.

This guy was with us for 11 hours the other day on a tour…


until he finally found his brown and bruised self in the garbage when we got back into London.

Hope you enjoyed your tour, little banana.  I’m sure you won’t be the last of your kind to join us on our journeys.

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