Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lag being the operative word

Oh, jet lag…we meet again.

I felt fairly productive yesterday and was able to stay up until midnight thanks to finding a movie on in English.  Against all odds I didn’t take a nap yesterday either, so I actually slept through the night and thought I had this thing whipped.

Not. So. Much.

Although I was lucky enough to get a totally normal amount of sleep (the poor Wife hasn’t had more than 4 hours at a stretch since we left Finland) my body feels like it is in shutdown mode today.

I’ve had a righteous headache since I woke up and the energy level of a sloth. Actually sloths can move pretty fast when they want to and I’m thinking  if imminent danger were to arise today, I’d probably be a goner. 

They say when you’re caught in an undertow you shouldn’t fight it, but instead let it take you to the bottom where you can then swim free of it and return to the surface.

Sincerely hoping today is the bottom.

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