Monday, June 16, 2008

He's our guy but he doesn't feel like my guy

My maternal grandfather taught me the definition of a "yellow-dog Democrat" at a very young age and the importance of being one when I grew up. I think he recognized early on that out of all my cousins not only was I the most likely to even take the responsibility of voting seriously, I was, by far, the best candidate to carry his liberal torch into the next generation. I wish so much that he was still here so I could talk to him about our latest dog in the hunt.

But, since he's not here to help me I need someone else to give me some points and reasons why I should throw my support behind Obama.

For the life of me I cannot seem to muster up an ounce of excitement about this man. And from what I read and hear that's one of his strong suits...getting people fired up about him becoming President, being inspirational and charismatic. Why then am I not in the least bit inspired or charmed?

The wife thinks I'm just holding on to my feelings about Hill losing the nod and that eventually I will get over it and feel good about Obama. Maybe, I do have a tendency to be overly loyal. But this isn't the first time my party has elected someone other than "my candidate" but it is the first time I've had reservations about rallying behind "our candidate".

My trepidation isn't even based on his policies, other than his stand on gay marriage which even Hill ticked me off about. If only Kucinich wasn't such a little weirdo!

Honestly I think what makes me the most uneasy is his seemingly never ending supply of the word "change" without really telling me how he's been able to bring about "change" in the past or how all this promised "change" as President is going to come about. I just feel like he talks and talks without really doing much other than using catchphrases, inspirational cliches and quoting great leaders of the past.

So send me your links, video and me see what all these other people see. I really want to feel good about this guy because although Obama has my vote, he doesn't yet have my trust.

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