Monday, June 9, 2008

32 weeks

We just returned from a week at the beach. I enjoy our trips down to good ol' PC Beach so much due to the fact that we have absolutely nothing to do. No sights to see, no itinerary, no agenda...just a real vacation from life. I read 4 books in 5 days. Which is sadly about as many books as I have read in the past 5 months. Even with a broken foot that definitely cramped my style it was still heaven.

One night while in PCB I realized that we leave in 32 weeks. I know that 7 months can seem like a long time but we've done this countdown before and I know it is going to fly by.

I really hope to spend quality time with our friends before we leave and that we really enjoy our last months in Georgia by really taking advantage of all there is to do.

Although our plan is to come back in 2 years I realize that even the most carefully laid plans may not be what life really has in store for you and that we could be gone even longer. A lot can happen in 2+ years. I find it difficult enough to keep up with and accept all the changes in our life and the lives of our friends now. I know that the whirlwind of marriages, careers, break-ups, babies, relationships, etc is only going to pick up speed while we are away.

Walking hand in hand with the excitement I feel for the adventure ahead is the sadness in knowing that the distance from our life here will not only be a physical one. I only hope we are able to soak up enough of our life in Atlanta to sustain us for the journey.

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