Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hurts so Good

The wife got the okay today for us to start getting our immunizations. I'm thrilled!

It is not that I'm looking forward to getting round after round of shots for diseases that I thought died out 2 centuries ago, but this is the true beginning of our international travels.

When they delayed us until January we were both crushed. And being the pessimist that I am I couldn't help but think it may never happen.

Of course I had no reason to think that but hey, we had no reason to think we weren't leaving in May either. It is really hard to live your life and to make huge life decisions based on a corporation's promises. They don't so much care when you've quit your job or you've sold a car in preparation...it doesn't affect them.

That being said I think my fear of being burned again is almost gone now that they have gotten the ball rolling with the medical requirements.

So bring it on Black Plague...we'll be ready for you.

p.s.-only 29 more weeks until we depart.

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