Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Down for the Count

The wife and I were off to Emory TravelWell Center today to get the first round of immunizations for our journey. After a short wait a very nice nurse gave us the lowdown on typhoid, yellow fever, malaria and all the rest of the fun diseases you pick up from mosquitoes or from just stepping foot in India.

Today we were to get our first round of Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and a Polio booster. Knowing that my wife is a bit (and by "a bit" I mean "extremely") scared of needles we decided she would go first so she wouldn't freak out by watching me get mine.

As I watched her get the 3 shots (the Heps come in a combo now, thank goodness) go into her arms I thought she was doing pretty well. Her color was good and she wasn't sweating. We had told the nurse that she wasn't a fan of shots so she asked her how she was feeling.

Nurse: "You okay?"
Wife: "Um, yeah, just a little nauseous"
Nurse: "You sure you're feeling okay?"
*Nurse begins to fan the wife with paperwork*
Wife: "Ummm, I think I may feel a little lightheaded"

10 seconds later her eyes are in the back of her head, her body goes completely limp and she slumps down off the chair. The nurse was then screaming for me to go into the hall to scream for other nurses. 2 seconds later 2 additional nurses come in, scoop her off the floor and toss her onto the examination table.

Needless to say when your spouse's eyes roll back into their head your heart hits your throat. I honestly thought she was having a seizure. During the 2 minutes that the pass-out ensued I was really very scared.

But now that it is over it is pretty funny so I thought I'd share. Below is the wife with her Clifford apple juice box they gave her.

Oh and the best part is that during the melee one of the nurses had laid the wet cloth for her forehead on the tissue paper of the exam table. Which in turn made the table and part of her leg damp. After I came back in the room from getting my shots down the hall (hey we weren't taking any chances) the wife told me that she had thought she had wet her pants.

Lucky for her the nurses are only dreading our return next month b/c of her tendency to pass out on them, not due to uncontrollable urination.

Good times.

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