Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This wheel-y sucks

Back to the podiatrist today...seems my body has decided that it has been working on this broken bone for 8 weeks now and has decided to just give up on healing it.

I had no idea this was even possible...I know I'm getting up there but my body just giving up on healing itself?? I'm only 29 + 1 for God's sake!

Insane as it sounds to me, the doc seems to think this is what is happening. So from here we bring in artificial help in the way of a "bone stimulator" which will basically use electric currents to try to wake up my lazy bone cells so maybe they'll get back to work.

I'll should hear back from the stimulator rep sometime today or tomorrow and then have to set up an appointment for them to come over and show me how to use it. Apparently it will be something like this...

Looks like a good time.

Oh and the best part of all this is that I now have to take an even more conservative approach to my healing and am now limited to walking only "when necessary". I was advised to cancel our trip to Boston for E&K's wedding and if I go to Pride at all it will be via a wheelchair.

Although the wife says that being pushed around all day would be her idea of heaven, I just can't get my mind around it. It just seems ridiculous to think of myself in a wheelchair being push around like an infant.

So my mind refuses to realize the severity of the injury and my body won't get to work on healing it. Rock, let me introduce you to Hard Place.


KNB said...

omg! melissa, i'm so sorry!

but you know, wheelchairs can be sexy, and in this heat, who wants to walk? ;)

2GirlsintheWorld said...

leave it to you to think wheel chairs are sexy...