Thursday, July 24, 2008

She's no Pat Sajak, but...

Anyone who knows my wife is aware of the fact that she can be a bit competitive. Again, by "bit" I mean "extremely". I think this stems from her being involved in sports her entire childhood. Now older and without the desire to commit her precious weekend days to a rec league she gets her kicks out of boardgames, trivia, poker and TV game shows. She also enjoys betting me on a myriad of subjects. Although after 6 1/2 years of never winning a bet I have finally learned that if my wife bets you it is because she knows with 100% certainty that she is correct. I should have known that she would never actually put her money at risk.

One of her favorite games shows is Wheel of Fortune. I actually enjoy watching it with her because it is the only thing that I can usually beat her at, although I could do without the pregame smack talking. Without the pressure of spinning the wheel and hitting bankrupt, at home we're really just playing hangman.

I would say just behind The Price is Right it was my Grandmother's favorite and we watched it every night without fail. I will never forget the evening that my Grandmother actually solved a puzzle with no letters on the board. I thought she was a God.

Wheel of Fortune has been on prime time television since I was 5 years old. Whether it was arguing about what the person should buy with their winnings(remember how they used to do that?) or talking about whatever hideous frock Vanna was wearing that night, my memories of watching this show are endless.

It is Americana at it's finest.

As the Wife and I were watching last night, Pat reminded us that The Wheel (as all true fans call it) is on in 170 countries. "That's Great!" I say to the Wife..."We can always find The Wheel, no matter where we are!"

Granted, it will very rarely be in English and even when it is we probably won't have a clue as to the puzzles. Case in point, this clip from the Philippines which is a country we will definitely be visiting.

But hey, that spinning wheel and green and white puzzle board will still be a much appreciated reminder of the home and family we've left behind.

My guess is the Wife will still challenge me to try to beat her anyway.

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