Thursday, July 31, 2008

on the foot front

Good news today, got my MRI results and everything came back okay. Meaning my foot is broken but the doc said it is healing...just taking forever.

Hopefully I'll be out of this stupid boot in 2 weeks and into my sneakers. I pray I'll be back in my beloved heels by September for the neighbor's wedding. I already have to attend a wedding this weekend in the boot which really kills me. However, I did a little test today and found I can wear a short heel on my left foot. I actually hobble less than when wearing flats.

I'm also optimistic (shocking I know) that some of this osteoporosis will have reversed by the time I go back to the doctor. I've been quite the errand runner since last Friday so I'm hoping my body is coming to it's senses and is sending some calcium down there.

I'm far more than ready to be healthy again.

In other related "foot news", I found out that I actually bought this bone stimulator. Which I think is insane but apparently the FDA will not allow this equipment to be prescribed to anyone else.

God forbid, if anybody breaks a bone or knows someone who does let me know. It truly speeds up healing by like 30%, but your insurance won't sign off on it until your fracture is "non-union" and by then you're half crazy, like me. Even then they will only cover a portion of the cost. I only had to pay 15% and it was close to $400!

I asked if I could donate it back so it could be used for someone without insurance or someone who couldn't afford it but they said if I sent it back they would just destroy it. How ridiculous! But, I suppose this is typical of our messed up medical system.

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