Tuesday, August 12, 2008

letter to the ioc

Dear IOC,
I heard this is the last year for baseball and softball in the summer Olympics. I don't care enough to research why it is you deem these sports un-Olympic but did have another suggestion for the chopping block - synchronized diving.

Don't get me wrong, the divers are amazing and are some of my favorite summer athletes to watch but seriously what is so sporty about two people doing the same dive at the same time? I don't see the gymnast doing "synchro vaults" or side by side on a balance beam.

I have spent 3 nights watching both the women's and men's events and although I don't consider myself an expert, I do feel you've got a bunch of bull on your hands.

I watched men land almost completely on their backs and receive a 9.5 on execution, seemingly just because they were the favorites to win. I watched women totally out of synch get higher scores than others because according to the announcer "they looked pretty".

If you don't feel you can get rid of the sport at least consider talking to NBC about their announcer who told viewers the reason the swimmers got in the showers after dives was to "have fun".

I'd also keep an eye out for a new Russian judge...maybe look for one that judges the actual divers and not how successful the communist party is in their country.

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to these matters. I hope in 4 years I won't be forced to drive my wife crazy with my commentary, or what she likes to call my "complete lack of knowledge of the sport".


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ablackwelder said...

Dear MAV:
Thank you for your interest in IOC. We respect your opinions and will consider your 'constructive criticism ' in planning our future activities. It should be known that the views of the announcers are not necessarily the views of the IOC.....nor do we condone the use of the Milli Vanilli style of singing during ANY period of the ceremonies.
We hope that you continue to waste precious time viewing the nonsense, and we hope you have a blessed day.
P.S. We hope that the cow-tipping event will suffice in replacing the baseball and softball events for the next Olympic games. We encourage you to support us in our future endeavors.