Tuesday, August 19, 2008

say what?

Just a few snippets from a night spent with two of the funniest people on earth...

An earlier conversation they had at lunch...
L: "I've got more common sense than you."
Ash: "No you don't!"
L: "Well I've got more street smarts."
Ash: "No way! I know how to get anywhere in Atlanta, even without a map."

As our dog, Gert, sniffs a sugar caddy from No Mas Cantina that mysteriously showed up in L's purse...

Ash: "Look at her she smells food on it."
L: "No she doesn't!! She smells burritos!"
Ash: "A burrito is food."
L: "Shut up!"

At dinner:
Ash: "I was the s*#t at the skating ring when I was young."
Me: "Oh yeah? You got a lot of ladies at the skating rink?"
Ash: "You say that too?"
Me: "What? Skating rink?"
Ash: "Yeah, why do you say rink?"
Me: "Because that is what it is called."

I'd love to share the really funny ones but I'd have to change my blog to "adult content".

They say to know some people is to love them. In this case to know them is to love them as well as to almost pee in your pants laughing every single time you're around them.

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