Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tomorrow is D Day

Okay, not so much "D" Day as it is more like "PGLMGTFBO" Day. Obviously this stands for Please God Let Me Get This Freakin' Boot Off.

I'm a bit nervous because my foot has been bothering me a little this week. Probably because after my 3 month hiatus I finally went back to the gym on Monday. I rode the bike and although I wasn't putting any real pressure on it I'm sure my foot was in a little shock to be moving so much. Along with the rest of my body.

Even though I will still wear the boot out in public, it thrills me more than you know to think I could actually reach this next step in healing and rehabing this ridiculous foot.

Not to mention it is not the most comfortable foot say a prayer for me tomorrow at 10am.

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