Friday, August 1, 2008

31 days

August is, by far, my least favorite month. Each year when it rolls around I find myself desperately tired of summer and ready for fall. Cooler weather, college football, chili, pumpkins, cabin trips, leaves changing, the whole bit.

But like a slap in the face, I am reminded each time I venture outdoors that August is really the quintessential "Summer Month" and hotter than Hades. I spend these miserable 31 days dreaming of September and the beginning of my favorite time of year.

One of the promises I made myself when we got delayed to January was to not wish away this year. I swore to myself that I was going to do my best to really enjoy this last year in Atlanta. Even the craptastic month of August.

This August may end up not being that difficult anyway. Currently on the calendar we have 1 wedding, 5 birthdays including a big "30th" celebration, 1 totally awesome 80's wedding shower, another wedding shower, 1 bachelorette party and the first game of what we hope to be an amazing UGA football season.

I'm thinking September 1st is going to be here before we know it and when it is we'll only have 4 1/2 months before we leave, which is insane.

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KNB said...

let the countdown begin! god, i hate this month, too. i just look out from my airconditioned windows and grumble at the humidity that keeps me indoors. i walked my dogs for 30 minutes last night and came home with sweat dripping off my head. curses on you, august.