Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I heart our First Lady

First let me say that I personally can't stand Oprah, or as I like to call her "Pope-rah" (sorry Hody I know this is like sacrilege for you). Over the years I just think she has become so pompous and self-righteous. Which I suppose is hard to avoid when women all over act like you're, well, the Pope, and in such think you're somehow infallible.

But, I love Michelle Obama. It was because of her that I even began to look at President Obama as a viable candidate. I adore how she comes across as so genuine and I really find her to be truly inspiring...as an American, as a woman, as a wife and as a mother.

So although Pope-rah annoyed me with how she asked some of the questions (don't even get me started on the cover photo with her hands in that praying position) I did enjoy this interview.

I don't know about you, but I feel at this time more than ever we need her brand of optimism and hope...to remember it isn't about our differences but about our similarities...

Pope-rah: Okay, shifting gears now. How are you a different woman today than you were when Barack Obama announced his candidacy in 2007?

Michelle Obama: I'm more optimistic. More hopeful. It comes from traveling all over America and connecting with so many different people. And this was long before anyone thought Barack had a chance. This was the kindness of strangers. I think we should all have to get to know one another around kitchen tables. It changed me. It's helped me to give other people the benefit of the doubt.

Pope-rah: What did you see that changed you?

Michelle Obama: I saw our shared values. We fundamentally want the same things for ourselves and for each other. We want our kids to be safe and to grow up with some resources and aspire to a slightly better life than ours. No one's looking for a handout. People just want fairness and opportunity.

Pope-rah: That's so good to hear. Because you know what? We live in an American Idol culture where it seems like everyone just wants to be in the spotlight.

Michelle Obama: That's not the America I saw. People value their communities. They're rooting for one another. Even in places where I thought people wouldn't accept or relate to me, I always walked out feeling like, "Wow—that was fun." That changed me. And it helped prepare me for this. Because I think if you're going to be First Lady, you have to believe in the possibility of what this country stands for. You have to see it in action and know what you're working toward.


ablackwelder said...

She's so awesome......did you see the story about how she 'touched' the Queen of England????? Some folks are in an uproar about it.....but she touched her, on the back, after the Queen touched her.....during conversation...I mean, if you're Michelle, you're gonna want to be that way....and want to relate to this 'queen' as a regular person....the 'queen' didn't seem to be bothered by it.....oh, the pomp and circumstance.....its ridiculous! I love love love her, and I think she should be the next president after Obama gets everything straightened out.....

MAV said...

i saw a pic of her and the queen in the international herald this morning and the queen had the biggest smile i've ever seen. the obamas gave her an engraved ipod- loves it and loves them!

J said...

Don't knock the Poprah! and I also love love love Michelle Obama.