Friday, March 5, 2010


They say goldfish grow to the size of their living environment. Small tank = small goldfish, big tank = bigger goldfish.

Seems this also rings true for us and our stuff. Our clothes seem to have bred like rabbits and somehow we've acquired all these other random odds and ends since we've been home.

How is it that we can live out of 4 suitcases for a year but, we come home for a few months and we’ve become like those people on that horrible show “Hoarders”? How depressing is that show? Does anyone ever get cured? I digress…

I guess it’s just the American way…buy, acquire, buy, acquire. I guess that’s just how we roll in these here parts.

So we’ve got a huge bag to take to storage…

This is literally only clothes and other randoms- nothing that we actually acquired on the road last year. Pitiful.

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