Wednesday, March 10, 2010


we both believe that things happen for a reason. but, we're also human and *of course* going to be disappointed and frustrated when we feel we're getting screwed or things are done unfairly.

that being said, i suppose my dad was right- life isn't always fair. but, my dad also taught me that life is what you make it. what really counts is what you do with what life throws at you.

so, here's to being home another round!

there are tons of pros against just that one stinking "we aren't traveling" con...

- we get to snuggle at least two babies (are there anymore due before July?)
- we get to spend more time with our friends (remember one of my resolutions was to do more to nurture my relationships- who knew how easy that one would be??)
- we get to try more of atlanta's new restaurants
- we get to see our families more
- i get two more months of not converting time, money and measurements
- we get to see our doggies
- i get another chance to actually get the things done i meant to get done this round
- we both can have regularly scheduled haircuts
- we only have to take one suitcase each to costa rica
- we can enjoy patio season in atlanta
- we get to finally go out on easy e's boat (yes, that is a bona fide promise!)
- we can travel to more places in the u.s. since it won't be frigid

i could go on and on, but you get the picture.

atlanta is our home, where we feel comfortable, where or close to all our loved ones are, where everybody knows our name. okay that last one is a lie- but at least the people we want to know our name know it, there are those few we'd wish would forget it but that's another story ;)

the whole point is- sure we'd rather be traveling, but who wouldn't? we're blessed, pretty healthy and extremely happy. there are a lot worse places to be than "home".

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