Monday, March 22, 2010


We decided not to venture as far as the beach this past weekend. It was our first road trip so we played it safe and headed to Jaco, just over an hour outside of Escazu.

We wanted a relaxing weekend and that's exactly what we got. We stayed at a lovely hotel atop a little mountain (or was it a big hill, not sure which) overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

After a painless drive we arrived in time for an early dinner at the hotel on Friday evening. The hotel was lush and secluded and just what we were hoping it would be.

Saturday was spent lounging by the infinity pool…

and that night we joined the rest of the hotel guests in the amphitheater to watch the captivating sunset…

Thinking that we were going just to relax I left behind my massive camera bag and only brought along the point and shoot. Of course, I quickly found this was a mistake.

While in the shower, Jules came running in and opened up the curtains (no peep show folks, our windows opened to nothing but the forest and the ocean far below) to show me the huge iguana in the tree by our balcony...

Then as I was getting out I heard all these bird noises outside. It went on for so long I quickly got dressed and ran out to see what was making all the commotion. “It could be parrots or something!!”

No parrots, but even better- a Swanson’s Toucan! After running around Igazu in Argentina like a maniac trying to see a toucan, there he was just perched on the tree outside my balcony. Another toucan even joined him for a while. They were so magnificent. It kills me I didn’t have my big camera!

I’m actually a little scared at how much I enjoyed them. Jules is worried I’m going to become some dorky, old lady birdwatcher and drag her on bird-watching expeditions when we’re old and gray. I’m worried that it won’t even take me that long.

We left early afternoon on Sunday and after some errands and lunch enjoyed a little sunshine at the pool here.

We’re going to Manuel Antonio this weekend for some beach time and some more wildlife at the national park. Don’t worry, I’ll be totally prepared with my giant lens and my dorky bird-watching binoculars.

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