Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet Howard

Most of you know my friend Jodi (if not, see below photo from fiesta with her and Mexican Apollo Ohno). She is not only ridiculously hilarious but also has a huge heart. She's been fostering doggies for years but now she really needs a good home for Howard. When we met him he just laid in Jules' lap the entire time cuddling. He is really the sweetest thing and if we weren't nomads and already pawning off our own dogs off on friends we'd take him in a heart beat!!

If you or someone you know is in the market for an amazing dog, he is your man! Contact info is below.

From Jodi:

About one and a half years ago I adopted Howard from Macon Animal Control for my great-aunt but for various reasons he ended up staying with me. Over the year, I have come to realize that Howard needs to be in a home where he is the only dog. He is very loving and sweet and he gets along great with kids. He is an awesome lapdog and bonus, he loves to cuddle. He needs a fenced in backyard or an invisible fence. I would love to keep him in my home but I feel that I am doing a disservice to him. He loves going on walks but basically he likes to chill out at home with the family. He is not a typical Jack Russell at all. I'm looking for a loving family that will give Howard the attention that he deserves.

If you are receiving this note and know of anyone that is looking for the most awesome dog ever, please tell them to email me at

Who can say no to this precious face??

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