Monday, March 15, 2010

safe and sound and finally well-rested...

So, we got to Costa Rica just before noon, their time, yesterday. I have to say, yesterday was not my finest travel day. Maybe it was because I was out of practice or that we couldn't get a taxi to save our lives or perhaps the fact that I had another “less than 4 hours” night of sleep had something to do with it. I need my sleep, people.

Anyway, I hereby publicly apologize not only to my poor, poor wife who had to deal with me, but also to that woman in the security line that I made a snarky comment a volume I made certain she would hear. Even if you refused my numerous offers to let your friend cut in front of us so you could stop staring past me and holding your conversations over my head- I was rude and it wasn’t right to take my bad mood out on you. Sorry.

Now, with that out of the way…

So far, so good with San Jose-actually we’re staying in a suburb called Escazu. Our hotel is comfortable, has a huge gym, lovely grounds that make you forget you’re in the ‘burbs (I’ve never seen so many birds of paradise!) and the egg guy at breakfast helped me learn how to ask for my egg white, mushroom and onion omelet in Spanish. It was very sweet, even if I’ve already forgotten.

The only real issue we’ve had was the several hundred teenagers that were staying at the hotel yesterday. You can imagine the noise level. Thankfully, they left today. I can’t tell you how sweet of a sight it was to see a couple hundred teenagers wheeling their suitcases into the lobby to checkout this afternoon. Repeat- I need my sleep, people.

We’re thrilled to be back in warm weather, so this weekend we’re headed to Playa Tamarindo (translation: beach). It should prove to be a perfectly relaxing weekend after the stress of leaving home.

BTW- I had written this sappy goodbye post about how wonderful you all are and how grateful we are for such amazing friends and how much we’re going to miss you, etc. But, when we found out we were back in ATL in just 8 weeks I deleted it. It seemed a bit much considering we’ll be seeing you in 2 short months. I mean, you’re still awesome, but I don’t want to deal with a bunch of big heads when we get back. Got to keep you grounded :)


ablackwelder said...

Glad you are safe and back in a warm climate, and glad we got to see you off.......this morning I tried the coffee you brought us, and it was awesome. I hear Costa Rica has some good coffee, too. :-)
Miss and love you both, and I have perfected my salsa verde for your next visit home.

MAV said...

the coffee we brought you was from costa rica, sockhead! love and miss you!!!