Wednesday, March 3, 2010

zip line anyone?

as we start planning our time in costa rica it looks like we'll be in costa rica most weekends. if you want to come visit we'd, of course, love to have you! we just need to know when you'll be coming so we can plan accordingly.

any weekend except easter weekend (unless you want to go to nicaragua with us) is still pretty open.

we'll be there from march 14th- may 7th.

volcanos, waterfalls, beaches, cloud forests, hot springs and all just a 4 hour flight away...what more could you ask for??

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Rachel said...


Amazing blog. Looking forward to reading about your travels in Costa Rica.

I'd love it if you'd submit some advice for women travelers to, a site where women travelers exchange travel advice with the experts--other women travelers.

Sent a picture of yourself in the world and related insights to and we'll link back to your blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you,