Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#7 Revised

Number 7 on my life list was: “Have a meerkat climb on me.”  Technically, this one should still be outstanding because I didn’t have a meerkat climb on me this weekend.  But I’ve decided to edit the life list and check it off because really  I should have said “see meerkats in the wild”.  If one had actually climbed on top of me I would have completely freaked out.

El Diablo is always kidding me about my animal stalking and yes, I can be a bit obsessed with seeing animals and yes, I always think I want to touch them. But in truth, if you look back through my past animal encounters you will see this same face in every one of them:


Yes, that is sheer panic not-so-successfully masked by a fake smile.  That monkey isn’t even that close to me, but I’m totally freaked that he’s going to jump on me.

I’m always saying how monkeys make me nervous anyway, but I assure you any wild(ish) animal freaks me out upon close contact…


See those eyebrows? See how my upper lip has completely disappeared? I’m totally freaked out.

So I’m editing my life list and #7 is now officially crossed off.

One more freak-out for your viewing pleasure…



Point proven.


Dr. Pants said...

Hahaha. This made me LOL.

MAV said...

Glad my fears are at least funny.