Tuesday, June 21, 2011

not a total loss


So we didn’t make it to the world’s highest sand dune in Namibia.  The weekend wasn’t exactly thrilling, but we had some high points- like my first bumper car experience…


How did I never drive a bumper car before?1? I think all people or work or travel together for long periods of time should do this…




We had actually gone there to bowl and I DIDN’T come in last place.  Well, at least for the first game. 

Jules and I saw a movie one day, The Adjustment Bureau, and I ate a giant tub of popcorn for my lunch.  Not my best plan. 

We went back to Moyo, but for some reason it wasn’t as fun and I now think that it made the Wife sick, so another not-so-great plan.  Whoops.


We also got in a little last minute shopping.  We’ve bought just about everything we could possibly want to buy in South Africa, but we both felt the need to shop for our unborn (unplanned, not-conceived, may or may not ever be) baby’s room. 

Geez. To be two women in our thirties, married for 5 years and together for almost a decade- honestly, after typing that I’m surprised we haven’t done it earlier.  Anyway, if we do decide one day to bring a munchkin home, it will have one cute little safari-themed room to hang in.

I suppose all my parent friends reading this will be quite please with themselves- your pressure is working.  Thanks a lot.

I’m back to animal stalking this weekend.  On the agenda- meerkats!  I’m so excited!!!  Fingers crossed one sits on my head!!!

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