Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the daily(ish)

We buy a lot of souvenirs.  Not as many as I’d like to buy, but I like to get things to remind of our time spent places.  When we go home each year it’s like Christmas opening up all the things we’ve sent home via friends.  I can’t imagine what its going to be like when we actually move home and unpack everything.

I never get to enjoy my purchases when I buy them though.  Granted, I’ll unwrap something 14 times to look at it before it gets stuffed into a suitcase, but I don’t get to really enjoy it.

We bought this doll from the Ndebele women we met.  They make them in their own image…




I love her and since we have an apartment I can actually enjoy her!  She even matches the color scheme of the living room here. 

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