Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the daily(ish)

Any guess as to what this is???

a. giant wad of canvas

b. an awesome Brazilian hammock

c. a pain in our friends J & D’s arses that they don’t yet know we’ll be asking them to cart back to the U.S. for us from London*

d. all of the above

This was the #1 souvenir I wanted from Brazil. It actually isn’t that heavy or that big when folded up, but I may have to ditch a few pieces of clothing to make up for the extra weight on the way to Europe. I seriously cannot wait to sell our house, build a new one, unpack all our crap, build a pool and finally collapse in this very hammock and sleep for about 4 months.

*J&D- as payment for muling this thing back- we’ll always give you dibs on the hammock at all pool parties. Can we tell you how freaking excited we are that you guys are coming to visit?!?!? Oh and more importantly- Happy birthday, J!!!! Love you and hope you have a great one!


jac said...

We already talked about bringing our biggest suitcases and carry-ons to bring stuff back for y'all. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

MAV said...

Haha, you guys know us well ;)

Hope you have a great birthday! Can't wait for a late celebration in London! I was just talking about what an awesome trip you're going to have...obviously the highlight will be us ;)

Love you!!