Friday, August 12, 2011

the daily(ish)

A neighboring neighborhood back home holds an annual chili cook-off/blue grass festival that I used to compete in. The chili cook-off part, not the blue grass.

I entered 3 years and got 4th freaking place each year. Each year I was the “first loser” and robbed of the glory of placing. I know I should have been happy to have beaten out as many people as I did, but come on, let’s be real- it stunk to be soooo close to placing each year.

I have a huge pot that I cook my chili in and always struggled with finding a spoon that was long enough to actually stir all the way to the bottom.

Brazil to the rescue…


I feel a 1st place chili coming on with this spoon!

The guy who sold it to me didn't speak English, but was able to demonstrate that it could be used for both stiring as well as beating people. 2 for 1.

I was finally able to fully cram it into the Wife’s bag by laying it sideways and letting it poke through the fabric. That is one big spoon!

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