Thursday, August 4, 2011

the daily(ish)

If we’re friends on Facebook you may recall a post ranting about some parents that just let their young children go to the hotel lounge by themselves.  There were 2 girls, no older than 6 or 7, and a 2-3 year old in their charge.  As you can imagine, chaos ensued.  There was some spitting, then some punching in the head, some blood curdling screams, chess pieces pounded into a head and a total toddler meltdown that lasted for about 40 minutes.  The parents never showed.

This same group of children continued to plague me and the rest of the patrons for what seemed like years.  In actuality, I guess it was only a couple of weeks…still. The parents started making their appearances and they only added to the noise level.

I haven’t seem them this week and I’m praying they have finally left.  They were pure class…


That striped blur is the toddler from hell.  


MJ said...

Is that a mulleted, bare chested dude? HEIGHT OF CLASS

MAV said...

Indeed it is, MJ. Indeed it is.