Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the daily(ish)

We do not want for fruit in Brazil.  Fresh squeezed juice can be bought on just about any corner, our breakfast always has a huge selection and the lounge has what I like to call my personal fruit market.  My personal free fruit market.  They have this big display just outside the door with apples, bananas, papayas, pears, peaches, passion fruit, star fruit and tons of other weird fruit that I’m unfamiliar with.

Anyway, every night I take some fruit from the display to have in the room for the next day.  When you live in a hotel room having snacks at hand is a big deal.  Just imagine every single time you want a snack you’ve got to leave your house and go to a restaurant or store.  Snacks are important.

One night we were going out to dinner and Jules needed to go up to the room first. I sent my fruit bounty with her.  When we came home later that night I see this…


Apparently, the key didn’t work so she just left it by our door. I can’t imagine what people thought walking by this little collection of fruit piled against someone’s door. 

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