Friday, August 5, 2011

the daily(ish)

Yeah, I drink my Coca Light* in a wine glass…


I’m fancy like that.

Oooor maybe I just don’t have another glass in the hotel room to use.


*Diet Coke. I swear we’re the only country that calls it “Diet Coke”.  I’m so used to calling it Coca Light that I found myself doing it when we were home in Atlanta.  You can imagine the strange looks I got from waiters.  It’s funny how we can do something one way or call something one thing our whole lives and then you change it up for a few years or months and you find it normal. After this year of left-side driving in Australia and South Africa, I find myself getting into cabs here thinking the steering wheel is on the wrong side.  Of course once we get to London I’ll probably have reverted back.

Can I just tell you what a nerve-wracking experience crossing the street is for me these days?  I have no idea which way cars are coming from or which way to look.  It takes me 4 times as long as a normal person. Ridiculous.

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