Thursday, November 20, 2008

balls of fire

i have officially reached the point of "stressing out" about leaving...i have a ball of fire in each of my shoulders that have not let up for 2 weeks. my acupuncturist even did "cupping" on my back but all i got was a round bruise that hurt like heck for the entire day.

there is still so much to do and finalize and it seems whenever we check something off the list we add three more things to it.

the american who left last january only had like 2-3 weeks notice...i have no understanding of how she got everything done.

all the peeps we know in the international dept are so laid back and nonchalant about it all...i hope after we leave that i will somehow reach this seemingly stress-free nirvana they all seem to live in. do we get a bunch of xanex in our medical bag or what??

i guess until then i'll just continue eating advil like their candy and waking up at 4am worrying about stupid things like where i'm going to find a one-piece bathing suit this time of year for ever-so-modest india.

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