Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delhi here we come!

No more speculating, wishing, crossing our fingers or guessing...we are definitely headed to India in January.

We are really excited to be going to Delhi for 2 main reasons...one, we couldn't ask for better weather to be spending our winter months in (average high 75/average low 55) and it's a part of the world we probably would have never seen otherwise. I mean, we love to travel but it's the places that we'd probably never vacation that are the ones I am most excited about visiting.

We are already trying to plan our weekend excursions...thus far we've thrown around going to Nepal, visiting the coast in Goa, going to Dubai, doing a desert tour and obviously seeing the Taj Mahal.

We'll be there for 7 weeks so if you have been to India or know anyone who has it is finally time to start giving us travel advise!

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Rachel said...

My cousin used to live in Dubai -- if you go there I'll get the inside scoop.