Sunday, November 2, 2008


i believe our blog may have been tagged by our friend in the although i am the only one who actually posts anything on this blog, it is technically 2girlsintheworld and therefore a joint blog so i'm going to write 7 random things about both of us.

1. at birth the doctor kept saying the Wife had the heartbeat of a boy and her parents were going to name her john
2. my family calls me M.D. (and it makes no difference to them that i have now dropped my middle name)
3. the Wife's favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs
4. my fave is Coal Miner's Daughter
5. i've always been really superstitious and although i try to hide it from people i'm always worried about stupid little things causing bad mojo...i think it is the island blood in me
6. the Wife's biggest pet peeve is mouth noises (i.e. smacking while eating, crunching food, popping gum)
7. we have sponsored a child for over 5 years who lives in south america named Carlos Miguel...he is now 9 and loves salsa music. his photos are always on our fridge in case you thought he was one of my relatives ;)

so there you go, and as for tagging others i don't know 7 bloggers.

but just in case (see #5)...

Cassi, Dr. Pants, Em & Beth, Gayle & Oprah -you're it!

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