Monday, August 23, 2010


It was a lovely last weekend in Germany both with the weather and the company. KS invited us to crash in on her and her cousin’s weekend and we gladly accepted; arriving just in time to pop open some bubbly for Friday happy hour.

Saturday was an adventure for me. It seems 12+ years without riding a bike makes for a slow return to cycling. Seriously though, who can’t remember how to ride a bike??? I just assumed that it would be like, well, like riding a bike. Not so much.

Oh to be a 30-something and have one of your friends jogging beside you holding on to the back of your bike like a kindergartner on a fairly busy street in Berlin. Good times.

I did get the hang of it enough to actually enjoy the day, although I refused to cross the street on the bike and also walked it when there wasn’t a bike lane. I have a rule against dying on the weekends.

All was okay until I had two big radlers (more on those in the food blog) at the beer garden and may have had a slight collision with a man and his wife at the top of a curvy hill in the Tiergarten . I said “may” have. There were only two possible witnesses and they know the score should they squeal.

All I’m saying is- I biked all day long around Berlin and no blood was spilled- mine or that of any others. I call that a success. AND I did it all in a dress..

Sunday we were able to squeeze in the Gedachtniskirche and the East Side Gallery…both memorials to some of the city’s darker days…

I know I’m always saying it, but we really enjoy our weekends spent with friends so much. It’s such a rarity for us and just to have dinner and catch up is just as much a treat as sightseeing.

We can’t thank KS enough for the hospitality and AM for bringing the sunshine with him from Rome. Of course when we landed in Essen Sunday night it was pouring rain and continues to rain today. Oh Essen…how ready I am to leave you behind.

And that is exactly what we’ll do in just a few days when we head to our next home in Dublin on Friday. I can almost smell the Guinness…

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