Tuesday, August 24, 2010

that time again...

another 8 weeks is drawing to a close, as is our time in germany. this was our second round in europe, but unlike greece, we had the ability to really travel around to other countries with ease. maybe it was even a little too easy. we only spent one weekend in germany, which is a shame really because there are some beautiful places to see. ah, but our rational was that we can always come visit germany on vacation one day. when would ever have enough time to see lisbon, amsterdam, vienna, venice, london, prague and iceland again??

it’s a balancing act we play at trying to keep sane while at the same time cramming in as much of the world as we can, while we can.

i won’t lie and say we’re not a little tired. i’m looking forward to our first three weekends in ireland (actually in ireland!) like you cannot imagine. no airports, no planes = heaven!

of course, thanks to ryan air and their ridiculously low airfares we’ll be jetting off every weekend after that. which is fine considering we’re 99.9% sure we’re headed home the last round as our sponsor seems bound and determined to keep people as close to their respective homes as possible in an effort to cut costs as well as morale.

we’re looking forward to it though. we’ve got a lot going on back home and it will be so nice to spend our favorite time of year (read: football season and pumpkin lattes) with loved ones.

it's hard to believe this will actually make over 6 months we’ll have spent in atlanta and over 8 months in the u.s. since we began last january.

germany has been a great round with awesome travel, pablo coming to visit, two trips to visit friends and lots and lots of beer and sausage. i won’t say that our locations in cologne and essen, especially the latter, didn’t leave a little to be desired, but the weekends have been great.

now- back to packing…the guinness is calling.

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MJ said...

Did you say pumpkin spice lattes?

That takes care of the morale piece.....