Friday, August 6, 2010

filling in the gaps

as of late we have a great deal of loved ones dealing with hardships. cancer, illnesses, addiction, loss and tragedies…it feels like almost all news from home is awash with sadness, anxiety and fear.

being so far away is difficult for us. we feel helpless and know from this distance or even if we were home our only real option is to pray.

i struggle sometimes with my prayers. i wonder how to get it all in, to make sure i’m remembering all those i know in need and those i don’t even know…i struggle to remember to pray for God’s will instead of my own desires for people.

i read somewhere lately a passage about prayer. i can’t even remember where i read it, in a book i think or maybe an article, but it was about this kind of struggle. the person said they had decided to pray for God to fill in the gaps. the gaps being the space between people and the things they need, whatever those things might be…just for God to fill in that space, for God to provide the connection between where they are now and where they need to be to find peace.

i’m hopeful that God will fill in the many gaps back home and bring peace to all our loved ones and all their loved ones. this i pray.

any additional prayers and positive thoughts you could send their way would be very much appreciated.

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