Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Our weekends are usually short affairs, but our time in London was cut even shorter by delayed flights, early departure times, and repairs to the Underground.

We started with the delay that cost us our dinner plans, but at least allowed us a quick champange toast and some take-out pizza at our friends' place.

Saturday we grabbed a quick bite and headed to the National Gallery. Swoon.

I heart museums- especially ones that are so incredibly laid out that you can still have a great experience even when time is limited. I also heart my wife who has been quite the trooper this round with all the art I’ve been shoving down her throat. She’s never been too fond of perusing paintings, but I think she’s actually starting to enjoy herself.

I was most excited to see this Van Eyck…

I still remember seeing it for the first time in one of our school books as a kid and being so drawn to it. It was much smaller than I thought it would be, although I’m not sure why I thought it would be huge. It was still hauntingly beautiful.

So…after our mad dash around the National Gallery we headed over to Parliament to meet up with our friends and take a tour of the building including the House of Lords, Commons and the rooms the Queen uses before she addresses the House. It was really so interesting and something I highly recommend should you go to London.

After grabbing a pint and some fish and chips at a neighboring pub we took a trip down the Thames to wander around Greenwich and then back up to Towers Bridge to have dinner. It was just really a lovely night chatting over dinner and a couple of pitchers of Pimms.

Sunday we had planned the unthinkable- we were going to all sleep in and enjoy a leisurely brunch with our friends before our early afternoon flight back. Oh the horrors- to be in a different city and not spend every waking moment running around like giant tourists?!? Yes and it would have been amazing, but thanks to the Underground line being down over the weekend we literally had to run out the door after just getting dressed.

Luckily with us being so close in Ireland we can hopefully fulfill our dreams of a simple brunch with friends at some point soon.

We can’t thank them enough for their hospitality! It was great hanging out and catching up!! Hopefully we can do more catching up before we leave Europe.

Friday we’re off to Prague and as soon as I get rid of the nasty cold I picked up in London I’ll be very excited.

DISCLAIMER- Due to the awesome pinched nerve in my neck and the fact that neither the Parliament nor the National gallery allow cameras, pictures were really at a minimum. I didn’t even get one of us with our friends. WTH?

Seriously though, the “masseuse” who took it upon herself to go all Chuck Norris on my neck in Bohol better hope I never make it back to the Philippines.


jason paul herring said...

London sounds too cramped...I hope that you get a repeat from Ireland. The tube was closed on the weekend? Yuck!
I love that Van Eyck (sp) too. It is unexplicably magnetic.

MAV said...

it is magnetic!

definitely want a repeat, we were waaayy too rushed. at least london is a city you can go again and again and never feel bored.