Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Prague…beautiful, charming, soaking wet Prague…well, at least it was soaking wet on Saturday. Even before we went to breakfast it was raining on and off. We decided to risk it since it was only a light rain. Weather report calls for “heavy rain”?? Why yes, but surely it will stay on and off and hey, we’ve got an umbrella and two raincoats. A little rain isn’t going to keep us from seeing this city.

Except it wasn’t a little rain- it was a lot of rain. Like a torrential downpour kind of rain.

But not yet, when we set off it was a light rain. We decided if we could make it to the Prague Castle we’d be golden since most of the stuff was inside and we’d see what we could along the way. We made it to the old town square and even across the St. Charles Bridge to St. Nicholas’ Cathedral with this annoying yet manageable rainfall…

It was while in the cathedral (and the reason there are so many photos of the church, although it really was pretty spectacular) that the heavens opened up and the rain came flooding out. We stayed in the church as long as possible and after a short couple of blocks we ducked inside a restaurant to try to wait it out. After some local beer, some bad potato dumplings and even worse goulash, we realized it wasn’t getting any better outside. To the contrary, it was only getting worse. Finally we decided to just get on with and make the long trek back to the hotel- in the downpour*.

Once there we changed into some dry clothes and promptly headed to the lounge- which is where we stayed all night. As boring as it sounds, it actually ended up being a fun little night in with far too much champagne and even a Canadian palm reader.

Sunday we were in total hustle mode to see all we could before our flight out that night. We finally made it to the castle were able to actually see some of the city and all its beauty along the way…

Another weekend’s plans foiled by this dang European summer rain. That’s okay though, we’re not quite done with you, Prague. As Arnie would say-we’ll be back.

We actually leave tomorrow morning for a long weekend. We’re so excited about it since it's a trip we've really been hoping to make while on the road (insert drum roll here)......(are you done?).....ICELAND!

Adventure awaits and yes, the weather forecast is of course calling for rain.

*Sadly my point-and-shoot that I used to capture some “fun” pics during the rainy walk back somehow ate all the photos. Which includes some awesome panoramic I took…sigh. I don’t know, but I have had some kind of voodoo curse going on with my electronics lately. If I can find some way to recover them I’ll post them.

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