Friday, September 23, 2011

A change for the better

Just to update those who care and especially to update my friend who is coming and I know reads the blog- we have a great room now!  It’s large, totally not creepy and there is no sign of this guy…



They even promised us we could have this exact room each week.  Thank goodness.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  We’re off to Geneva and to take a peak at Mont Blanc!


jac said...

If it is me you're referring to... I'm not picky. I can sleep anywhere. Just grateful for the hospitality. And so freakin' excited to see y'all.

MAV said...

I know you're not picky, bu come on- The Shining!! Nothing like me axing down the bathroom door to ruin your European vacation!

We're so excited to see y'all!! I cannot wait!!!!!!!

jac said...

That made me laugh. And true... I'm very modest.