Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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I went to the Natural History museum yesterday and was quickly reminded I’m not really a fan of Natural History museums. I don’t like seeing stuffed animals and I hate replicas of just about anything. I want to see the real thing! They did, however, have a fascinating exhibit going on though that I really enjoyed. It was about sex in nature.

Now, I know some of my American readers are thinking--- OMG- did she say sex was fascinating on her blog?!?! I know they are because that’s how we roll in America. We’re total prudes! Please note that I say “we” because I, too, am a prude. I just didn’t realize I was until I left the good ol’ U S of A and found myself with mouth agape clutching my heart at people making out (read- practically doing it) on park benches, up against buildings and just about anywhere in public throughout Europe and South America. That is NOT okay in the U.S. and although I think my mind has broadened considerably with travel, I’m perfectly okay with clinging to my own culture on this one.

The exhibit was really very enlightening though. It was so interesting to learn about the different mating rituals of different species as well as the technical aspects.

Nature is truly freaking amazing- like a female mallard is routinely forced by males to mate, she can’t fight them off, but to ensure her offspring are getting the genes she deems the best she literally controls a number of internal passages and opens the real one that leads to the eggs only to the one duck she wants to have little ducklings with. Or how about that male guppies hand (fin?) over a sack of sperm to the females that they use at their own discretion to fertilize their eggs. Ooh or that there are 450 species that are known to have homosexual relationships. I guess that whole “it isn’t natural” argument is really out the window now isn’t it?

Aside from all the interesting facts, I’d say the very best part of the exhibit were these Green Porno clips starring Isabella Rossellini…

Absolutely hilarious, even for a prude like me.

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