Wednesday, September 21, 2011


DSC05205What better place to meet up with some friends than Munich for Oktoberfest?

We all headed to the tents on Saturday to partake in some good ol’ Oktoberfest-ness. Because we didn’t have a table reserved (you need to do that 6 months in advance) we had to get there super early to ensure we could even get into a tent. Because it was opening weekend, no beer can be served until the mayor of Munich cracks open the first barrel of beer at noon. It was a painful 3 hours of waiting.

It was then a painful attempt to actually get a beer. You have to order from the beer maids and they only serve beer to you if you’re at or near a table. The tent is a madhouse and this is what it looks like when hundreds of people have been waiting 3 hours or more for beer…

the madness that is oktoberfest, silvia here was awesome and makes about 20k euro in 2 weeks

That’s Silvia, she was awesome. She was serving the table we were standing by and she always sold us beer. She even kicked out some rude Aussies and let us have their seats since we were such great customers.

I’m not going to lie- the first 3-4 hours were not pleasant. At all. It was crowded and hot and we were all cranky and on the verge of a meltdown when we finally got our first beers…


It was quite possibly the best beer I’ve ever had in my life. Anyway, once the beer was in our hands, we all cheered up immediately and had a great time…




Note to all who wish to one day go to Oktoberfest- have a reserved table and don’t go on opening day. Also, do some upper body training because those beers are so freaking heavy.

Sunday, a few of us headed out of Munich to see the Neuschwanstein Castle a couple hours away. It rained the entire day, heavily with very few moments of reprieve.

The castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty's castle. It was by far the most impressive I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t take photos inside and since it was pouring most of the day I have little to show from our trip photography wise…




It was an incredibly fun weekend with some great friends! Can’t ask for much more.*

*Except a reserved table (hellooo, I’m too old not to stand that long) and better weather on Sunday.

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