Thursday, September 8, 2011


We NEEEEEEED to sell our house!!  Obviously, we’re blessed enough not to be underwater on our mortgage, but if our house is unsellable and therefore not worth anything- is that really true?

I’m not much for asking for help, but we need you to spread the word and help us sell this thing before we move home.  I say “thing” but if you’ve been to our home, you know it isn’t some horrible house.  It’s actually a great house.  We had many happy years there and now it someone else’s turn to enjoy it.

I know I’ve asked before and you think you can’t help- but you can!!    You never know who may know someone who is looking to buy in Atlanta.  Tell your coworkers, your friends, post it on Facebook, Twitter, on your own blog or put up a billboard.  Really, we’re happy for any help. 

Click on the picture to see the new website giving details on the house and neighborhood repost, repost, repost!!


Thank you!!!!!


ablackwelder said...

Beautiful home with lots of beautiful memories! I'm sure you will find (or we all will find) the right person to experience that same happiness! :-)
Love and miss ya'll!

MAV said...

Love and miss you!!!

MJ said...

I will tell everyone, and secretly wish it could be mine!

Hang in there!

MAV said...

Thanks, MJ!! Hope your hunting is going well!

cynthia said...

wow, it looks like a model home! ;) i'll throw it on the FB tonight

MAV said...

Thanks, Cynthia! I really and truly appreciate it!!