Monday, September 12, 2011

Movin’ on up…er…over


Seems the Wife was correct in thinking they only needed 2 weeks in Dublin for the job, so we were moved to London a week earlier.  We arrived Saturday morning and after a small incident where our cabbie dropped us and all our bags 4 blocks from the hotel* we were happy to be here.

We had a lot of difficulty finding a hotel in London for this week because it seems a week of a million events in the city.  We’re staying in a truly obnoxious part of town, Leicester Square.  The only good thing is that it’s really central.  We walked down to Buckingham Palace on Saturday…




and met up with our Londoner friends for dinner later that night.  Did I tell you how excited I am to live somewhere with friends?!?  Yay!!

We spent ALL day yesterday at the Tower of London.  Alllllllll day. 

It was a gorgeous day and we loved it, although our feet did not…




Okay, there is one other good part about our hotel’s location; we’re right by Chinatown. After making our way back from the Tower, we only had to take our barking dogs just a few feet to some really good Korean BBQ before falling into bed.  We haven’t been in Europe in a while and we’ve got to get back into Europe touring shape! 

I was a bit sad to miss the Blarney stone yet again, but that and our lovely Irish friend are just reasons to go back.  I truly love Dublin, but I’m really excited to be here a bit early.  London is just, it’s London.  There are a million and three things to do here and I plan on taking full advantage of our little stint here.  It isn’t often that I’m so spoilt for choice on how to spend my days. 

Pics from the weekend…

*According to the bellman who helped us, the hotel offers a shuttle service so the black taxis are angry with them.  Per this bellman, “this is a new low and means war'’!

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