Monday, March 16, 2009


On the way to Greece we stopped off in Dubai. We knew it would be a quick trip, with only one full day there, but it was almost the half-way point (at least the only point that two American girls would stop anyway) so we went for it.

Thanks to a stupid sick baby sitting in front of me on the flight back from Goa I have a pretty nasty head cold. After feeling as if my left ear was bleeding on the descent into Dubai I did not feel like getting up for the morning tour of the city. Luckily, we heard from others that after you've seen one big building you've kind of seen them all and the palm island thing doesn't look like anything when you're on the ground. I did get it together for our desert tour which is all I was really looking forward to doing in the first place.

Our tour began with "sand bashing" (think mud bogging with sand and over really high dunes) and ended with bbq and belly dancing. I've never really seen a desert much less gone an hour into one and I have to say it was pretty awesome. The nothingness was really just beautiful. The Wife of course loved the sand bashing. I, on the other hand, will mark it as a success solely because I didn't die from a heart attack or puke.

The bbq and belly dancing was pretty cool and next time I told the Wife I wanted to do the overnight desert tour. I think it would be a more intimate experience with both the guides and the desert itself...and the latter is a relationship I'm looking forward to exploring.

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