Friday, March 27, 2009

spoiled brats

okay, our life is ridiculously privileged. i am completely aware and thank my lucky stars on a daily basis. seriously, my one pledge to myself and the Wife is to keep us grounded. i don't ever want to take this opportunity for granted.

when i hear constant complaining from other such privileged people i want to shake them until their head comes out of their arse and ask them "just what planet were you living on before getting paid to travel and see this one?"

that said i would like to know just how many euros it would take for our laundry service to deliver our underwear and socks in a way just a wee bit nicer than damp and wadded up in a plastic bag.

i am in no way "above" folding our own unmentionables but you'd think for 10 euros a pair (that's right- $13 bucks per panty) that they'd come delivered by a white horse drawn carriage, folded into the shape of the acropolis and wrapped in an ancient greek scroll...or at least dry.

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MJ said...

I'm pretty sure you have to pay extra for that service. There's also probably a box on the form, under the ones that say "folded", "hanging", then something like "delivered by a white horse drawn carriage, folded into the shape of the Acropolis and wrapped in an ancient Greek scroll", THEN the box to check that says "DRY".