Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our weekend in Goa was exactly what we had hoped for...relaxing.

We stayed at the Park Hyatt which was a pretty large resort. It had a HUGE beach, good restaurants and lush grounds. But, I would say the best aspect was how quiet it was there. It is very noisy at our hotel in Gurgaon so it was so nice to sleep without earplugs in at night. We didn't leave the resort at all and spent our days lounging by the sea, drinking beer and eating seafood. 3 things I felt were required for a good birthday weekend for the Wife.

We even had a beef burger! It was awesome and really just smelling it as it came to my lips was enough to make me tear up.

We returned with a very mild case of "Delhi Belly" but I'd say it was more than worth it...not to mention it was probably some stupid washed veggie that did it anyway.

As with almost all our beach trips I took almost no pictures. Sorry...guess I needed a vacation from the camera as well.

Goa is definitely a place we'd revisit if we come to India next year. I told Cloris that we should have come there the first weekend but she quickly pointed out that if we had, we would have never seen anything else because we would have just kept coming back. Cloris is such a wise one.

All in all I would say it was a perfect weekend to end our trip to India.

(Jules and her "beach bag"...hey we have to travel light)

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