Thursday, March 19, 2009


seems my little 3 hour hike around athens was too much for the bum foot. for two days it has been swollen up like a freaking water balloon and burning like a house on fire. seems my tendinitis is back with a vengeance :(

yet again i find myself stuck. except this time i'm in an amazing city where i could actually go out every single day and enjoy my freedom...which makes it all the worse.

obviously i'm frustrated...i mean it has been 11 months of dealing with this and it seems there is no end (or high heels) in sight. i realize "chronic" means "chronic" but come on!

i'm giving myself until the middle of next week. if there isn't an improvement with the inflammation and swelling i'm going to have to go to a doctor here in greece. which i am sure is going to be an adventure.

at this point the only thing left for me is a shot of cortisone. my ortho in atlanta wanted this to be the very last option and told me it would "hurt like holy hell" and i "better pray the needle makes it to the right spot because the joints are so small it will be a miracle to find it the first time". can't wait!

please send some prayers and positive vibes my way.

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